Unleashing the Tropical Powerhouses: Kenya, Tanzania & Uganda – Leading Pineapple Suppliers to the World!

Embark on a journey to tropical paradise with Kenya and Uganda, two major countries that grace the world with their bountiful pineapples. This versatile fruit holds a special place in the culinary realm, catering to both the fresh fruit market and an array of delectable processed delights, including luscious jam preserves, tantalizing canned products, and tantalizing bakery ingredients.

In East Africa, the pineapple grading system takes center stage, ensuring that only the finest finds their way to your table. The larger-sized pineapples, graded as Grade 1 (12.7 centimeters wide), reign supreme in export popularity, while Grade 2 (10.8 centimeters) and Grade 3 (8.9 centimeters) follow suit with their distinct appeal.

But that’s not all – the relative Brix degree unveils the sweet secrets of these tropical treasures! Ranging ideally between 13 to 15, this measurement showcases the delicate balance between sugar and acidity. Pineapples with lower acidity levels find their calling in crafting sumptuous juices and mouthwatering canned creations, further expanding the pineapple’s versatile repertoire.

We package and export Smooth Cayenne and MD2 varieties of pineapple.
Packaging is done in corrugated cartons,and we can provide size 6 to 10


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